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After This Man Caught a Prophet With His Wife, Checkout The Terrible Thing He Did To The Prophet (Photos below)



A popular Nigerian blog named blog has shared a news, of what transpired between a man and a prophet. According to the news, a prophet was stabbed on his manhood with a broken bottle, by a man who caught him with his wife. The news has it that he might be impotent, after the incident occurred.

The man who is a gold panner said that he caught the man, having an affair with his wife in their house. This incident happened in Zimbabwe at Zananda Village . According to the news, the family usually go to the church and with time they became close to the man of God. The husband said he has been suspecting that his wife, was having an affair with the prophet.

According to the news, when he got back home he said he heard unusual sounds in his room, and he rushed and started beating the prophet before he used a bottle on his manhood. His wife said that she wasn’t doing anything with the prophet. She also said that her husband was just angry, that she invited the prophet to their house without his consent.

From the news, the man’s manhood might damage because of the kind of injury he sustained. People need to be careful when visiting a married woman’s house, to avoid suspicion. Women also need to tell their husband whenever a man of God wants to visit.

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