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After he Allegedly Ran Mad in a Video Saying he Can’t Kill his Mother, See the Truth About the Video (Details below)



A few days ago, a video of a young man surfaced on the internet claiming that he went mad after he was asked to bring his mother for a ritual. This put fear in the hearts of many people as to why a boy of his age would do such.

The video spread so much that a lot of people read realities into it not until it was revealed by his fellow comedians that the video was a prank by the young man and that is his own way and method of comedy.

The guy is identified through his Facebook page as Trinityguy and when I went through his page, I found out that that was his method of comedy.

This truth about the video was revealed by a co- comedian identified as Skibo. It was Skibo who notified the general public that that was a comedy when he was advising upcoming comedians not to use such sensitive things as comedy.

As a senior in the profession, Skibo advised younger comedians on the implications of using what may affect them in the future as a comedy skit. This is because not everyone would hear the truth that what you did was a prank rather, many people would terminate your image which wasn’t your intention

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