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After Digging 28 Feet In Search Of Water, See What Enugu Residents Discovered Inside The Ground (Details below)



The search for water in Nigeria has made a lot of people dig their personal boreholes, instead of looking forward to the government.

Some states are obviously blessed with excessive water layers as they don’ t have to dig very deep searching for water. While some states especially the ones in the Eastern part of the country have to dig extremely to get water.

In Enugu for example, a man has lamented how he dug approximately 28 ft for water instead, he dug up coal.

Yeah! it’ s actually true, because during the dry season in Enugu to get water is always hard also, to dig a well that would get to water level, a resident has to dig at least, 110ft which is about 33. 5meters.

Still speaking, the man said prior to the digging of the well, they carried out a geo- survey to pinpoint the nice suiting for the well but still, they ended up digging cole; despite the fact, the survey revealed the land is the best of all.

What got my attention about this man’ s post is that right here in South West precisely you don’ t have to stress yourself before getting water; in fact, with 100 feet you already have clean water. Well, that’ s a wonder, isn’ t it? our God is wonderful there are some advantages and benefits they enjoy right there in South East that we don’ t even have.

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My people, you saw what that man dug out instead of water? what can you say about this. Drop your comments in the comments section provided below