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After Converting From Christianity to Islam, See What Muslims Did To This Man (Details below)



One of the most interesting constitutions in Nigeria is the Section 38(1) of the 1999 Constitution which provides that every person shall be entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including freedom to change his religion or belief.

This makes it possible that no one can ever be a slave to another person’ s beliefs, as everyone has the right to hold on any belief as long as it works for him, and as well doesn’ t violate the national laws.

Looking at this, it then means that any citizen in Nigeria is totally free to join any religion regardless of their geopolitical zone/ethnic group/tribe, political party, educational background, family background, and so on.

This was why a Ghana- based Anambra man known as Ugochukwu Eze has decided to go for the religion he thinks that suits his mind better, as he converts from Christianity to Islam, changing his name to Abubakar Ugochukwu.

Just as any group would feel, the Muslims that heard about it are really feeling very happy and lively, seeing that they have a new convert who is ready to work in their faith. I think what could make them more happy may because, people has erroneously believed that majority of IGBOs are Christians, and hardly join the Islamic faith. But I believe Ugochukwu may not really be the first Igbo man that is a Muslim, as there may actually be some other IGBOs who may have been there before him.

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The Islamic Calling Family really express their immense feeling of joy seeing that not fewer than 10 persons had joined the Islam within the past 5 days, including Ugochukwu.

In their copious ecstasy, the Muslims through their Facebook group, ” Islamic Calling Family” have showered their prayers upon the gentleman that just joined their faith. And pray that God may continue to protect, guide and bless him and his generation, for having made the right decision.

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