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A Sponsor Beaten By Angry Husband After Busting Him In Action With His Wife (Video below)



A man felt the full wrath of an angry husband after the duo were busted together in a vehicle doing some unimaginable things. In a video that has taken the internet by a storm, the man who was well dressed in a suit had a hard time trying to flee from the angry husband. According to sources the duo had been seen together for quite some time, however, on the said fateful day, the young man who seems to be in his mid-thirties trailed the duo.

Luckily he got hold of them as they have parked a vehicle by the road, in a span of fewer than 2 minutes all hell had broken loose. The young man with anger ruthlessly beat up the elderly man who had taken advantage of his wife. He later with anger dragged the duo to waters by the roadside putting mud all over them. Of late cases of ladies eyeing elderly men have been on the rise with questions of what could be going on in society. Some have said it those with rotten morals engage in relationships with people who are nearly their dad’s age or older.

In other related news, Blessed Haki met a man who she dated and they fell deeply in love with, well at least she did. The man deceived her that he was single and even made his intentions known that he was serious with her and looking forward to marrying her. She admits that she was desperate for a hubby at the time thus she blindly trusted him. They continued to date blissfully and she even started going over for frequent sleepovers at her boyfriend’s place. She would clean up and even cook lunch for her bae like good wise material.

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On one of those sleepovers, she decided to perform general cleaning in her boyfriend’s bedsitter, so as to impress him. To her dismay, in the boxes stuffed under the bed, she ran into four birth certificates and many family photos. Three of those birth certificates had him listed as the father and one belonged to a woman. The photos were of her boyfriend, his wife, and their children.

Haki confronted her man with her newly found evidence when he arrived from work later that day. He admitted that he had a wife and three kids in ‘Ushago’ Upcountry. He then asked her if she would want to continue with their affair. Without serving thought she declined and walked out of that relationship. Blessed Confesses that she did not know she was a ‘side chic’ and this is how she found out she was one.

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