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50 People Allegedly Dead After Attending Yahoo Boy Birthday in Akute (Details below)



A viral report on social media has it that no less than 50 people have been reported dead after attending a birthday party hosted by a suspected yahoo boy in the Akute area of Ogun state.

According to the reports, the incident happened last week and since then there have been numerous reports of young people losing their lives in the area.

A Twitter user identified as @pelumiawotedu broke the news on Twitter and many others users have waded in the discussion, corroborating his claims.

In the story making rounds, the yahoo boy celebrated his birthday party in a grand style last Sunday with over 50 of his friends in attendance. Unfortunately, it’s been alleged that 50 of those friends in attendance are dying mysteriously.

Some Twitter users living within the same area left a comment about the incident that occurred on the fateful Sunday.

@ysquare_r also claimed that his neighbor lost her friend, her child, and son to the strange incident. Not only that, but he had also claimed to a man in his street attending the birthday party with four of his friends and 5 of them are all dead.

With the public outrage wanting to know the reason behind this ugly incident, most persons are redirecting the cause for the massive deaths to be food poisoning and not anything concerning yahoo rituals.

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This is because the young man who celebrated his birthday is also reported dead.

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