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Woman Who Pretends She’s Pregnant In Order To Get Money From Good Samaritans On The Street Exposed (Photos below)



A Ghanaian woman whose modus operandi is to pretend she’s pregnant and lie on the street to court sympathy and consequently make money from good samaritans have been exposed.

Long but short story. I am looking for a lady called Jasmine Turkson. She is 23, pregnant and have 2 kids. She said she lives at Mamobi and sell pure water….. she didn’t do anything bad but I just want to help her small😪 She was thrown out of Trotro going towards Dawenya at the ashfoam bus stop. She was dying on the floor 😪. It was scary her 2 kids age 2 and 3 around her on the floor, everyone was scared then I saw inhaler in her hands.

I noticed it may be an asthma attacked. I tried to take her to the hospital but no one was willing to help me lift her into my car.. Dr. Saeed who works at police hospitals was going to work stepped in and gave her the help she needed there. The 2 of us later took her to the hospital where she recovered. It was not a small thing today at all. I told the doctors the bill is on me but I think Jasmine didn’t hear.

When she fully recovered she started acting up according to the nurses. She wanted to go.. That time I left to pick my kids from school. I went back to the hospital to settle the bill and to give her something small for her medication, antenatal and baby clothes.

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They said she left. 😪😪😪 She left Mamobi going to Dawenya to do washing for someone to buy medication.

Pls if u know her, let her know I didn’t dump her in hospital and run away. She should get in touch for help.😪. Taking pictures sometimes is good.

And then he dropped the new update, saying;

So I posted a story here yesterday. Please to cut a long story short, she is a scammer, an actress.

She always does this so she gets money for an inhaler. Be vigilant on the road and don’t be a victim. Over 20 people confirmed this as her job. Why will she waste my time and money at mount Carmel hospital?

I was doing ninor ninor with my car yesterday driving crazily tru traffic thinking we are just about to lose a pregnant woman😃😃. I was going to give her my last money 500 in my bag but she vanished. 🙄🙄😴😴. God no go shame me. The thing self funny me.😄😄😃😃😀. This is an old picture. Now she has low cut.