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Woman Confesses This After Being Caught Sleeping With A Mad Man (Details below)



A Nigerian woman has shocked her family members and colleagues at work after she was caught sleeping with a mad man.

Her colleagues at work were shocked after she was caught sleeping with a mad man. The decent woman, who is a cashier at one of the big banks in Nigeria claimed she slept with the mad man for ritual purposes.

“I have stayed in my marriage for 10 years without a baby. I recently went to a witch doctor, who advised me to sleep with a mad man so that the bad spirits in me can escape to him. Now I believe I can get pregnant”.

The woman is now a laughing stock after failing to “catch” pregnancy again, even after obeying the witch doctor’s advice.

Elsewhere a man named Eric Aniva from Malawi was arrested after the BBC broadcast the 27-minute radio report ” ‘Stealing Innocence’ in Malawi,” which featured Aniva bragging about being paid to sleep with more than 100 young girls and women, some as young as 12 years old.

Aniva is known in Malawi as a “hyena” man — someone hired by families to have s3x with girls after their first menstruation.

Aniva told the BBC he was HIV-positive and had not disclosed this information to the families who hired him.

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He is one of 10 hyenas in the Nsanje district, where he lives, and is paid from $4 to $7 each timeWe Two staffers from Equality Now, an international human rights organization devoted to girls and women’s issues, to learn more: Christa Stewart, a program manager, and Naitore Nyamu, a program officer based in Kenya.

According to Stewart, the practice is viewed as a way to ritually cleanse girls after their first period, usually within a three-day window. Some families tell girls they will get infections if they don’t have s3x with a “hyena,” says Stewart.

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