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Why I Cried After Seeing This Mark On My Baby– Mother Cries Out



It was a mixed reaction when a baby girl named Harper King was born. Just like most other white babies, she was delivered through an already pre- planned cesarean section, and it was successfully done.

However, just as the beautiful bundle of joy was brought out of her mother’ s womb through the cesarean section, she came out with something that left a bitter- sweet taste in everyone’ s mouth.

A huge and unbelievable black birthmark covers almost half of her beautiful face. It makes her look as if she did a face painting on the right side of her face.

According to a report circulated online, her mother, Ebony, 23 years old from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, said she was speechless when she first saw it. She however did not worry much about it until weeks later.

In her word:

” When I saw her, I was speechless. I couldn’ t believe that half of her entire face was covered.

” I was in shock, I think, and it wasn’ t until about two weeks later that I just sat down and cried my heart out. I wasn’ t crying for me, but I was crying for Harper and for all the prejudice she will face in the future” .

” I worry so much about her starting school and how cruel people can be, children as well as adults. ”

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In truth, Harper King will have a lot of contending forces to deal with while growing up. Bullies, in particular, are what her parents should prepare her for.

Although some doctors have approached the parents of Herper King to have correctional surgery done on her face, her mother turned it down. She said she wants to give the baby the decision to make when she grows older and mature enough to take that decision herself.

Specialists have told the family that the birthmark is a Congenital Melanocytic Navus, and a large one on the face is so rare.