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Why Did You Share My Silhouette Video To Our Church WhatsApp Group – Girl Cries Out (Video below)



Recall when Silhouette trended on the internet. Many girls were displayed dancing in dark light, the challenge lasted for 3 days as boys and girls were included in the trend.

A girl has cried out in a video after her Silhouette video was leaked in her church WhatsApp group.

The lady was depressed because she never thought that her video would be leaked by her close friend. The video was leaked by her friend who was also a member of her church.

Immediately, the video trended on the Whatsapp Group, the depressed lady confronted her friend and asked her why did she leak the private video. Her friend claimed that the video was leaked by mistake.

The lady in the video vowed never to return to the church after her silhouette challenge was leaked. She doesn’t want to cause a scene in the church because it is an embarrassment for her church member to see her in the church.

The girl told her friend who leaked the video that “God didn’t see the video”

You can watch the video by clicking on the link below.

People have reacted with some advising her to abandon her church since her video has been leaked.

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See reactions from people.