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Two Students Busted Doing The Unthinkable In Kisii Face The Full Wrath Of An Angry Mob (Video below)



Drama was witnessed after two young students were busted doing unimaginable acts by their parents and neighbors.

According to sources the duo were nabbed after a class 8 Candidate failed to show up to school.

Information has it that the young lady went to her boyfriend’s house where the two were busted by an irate mob.

In a video that has taken the internet by a storm the two students, among them a form 2 boy were ruthlessly beaten for engaging in such a bizarre act at a young age.

This worrying news comes barely three weeks since the grand reopening of school by the government after the almost nine months break since the first Covid-19 case was reported in the country.

Many rogue students have been burning down schools and vandalizing property as they try to go back home again.

This has led to the ministry of education led by professor George Magoha to issue stun warning to all students who try to engage in riots in schools.

A majority willnot be admitted to other schools after leading in chaos he said. The department of criminal investigation has also warned students of serious measures to follow if one was found on the wrong side of the law.

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Parents should educate their children on the effects of engaging in some of these uncoath behaviors at such a young age

Watch the video:

Kenyans reacted on the comment section about this incidence and below is what some of them said,

@Kibet Kosgei, “Kiboko ni dawa.The boy will fear girl’s until he graduates.”

@Kiplangat Evanston, “Corporal Punishment should be introduced in schools and in fact ammended to Capital Punishment .These millenials are joking far too much.”

@Susan Mahihu, “Wachapwa kabisa Hawa Watoto wamekua something else.”

@Joseph Ayieko, “Chapeni kisha mnitumie namba zenu za simu niwanunulie lunch ili muendelee mkiwa na nguvu.”

@Wangari Mugweru, “The cane works wonders. Huyo dame atkuwa anaskia maboyz anapatwa na goose pimples. Unto the due time.”

@Kabon Barkebo, “Wachapwe kabisa. School is their business not marriage .”

@Mbaire JQ, “That was not a way to solve the issue. As parents there could be a better way than that.”

@Roggy Hella, “Mi hamuezi nichapia vitu zangu…kila mtu zi ako na zake.Eeeeeeeeshhh.”