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TRUE STORY! Do Nigerian Celebrities Get Special Treatment Inside Prison? This Celebrity Shares Her Experience In Maximum Prison, You Will Pity Her (Details below)



A lot of people believe that in a place like Nigeria, celebrities always have an upper hand and that even if they commit a serious crime, they are rarely punished for it.

For a fact, this is arguable, because there have been situations where celebrities have been punished severely for crimes they have committed and one of such periods was when popular journalist, Kemi Oluloyo was arrested and sentenced for defamation of character.

She narrated what happens in the prison yard saying;

“I think the Port Harcourt prison is the biggest in Nigeria with 4,175 inmates – 75 women and 4,100 men – between the ages of 18 and 25. It is filled with young Nigerian men, but it is a disaster. The male inmates really worked for me and they gave me the nickname, Mummy K. I was really dealing with armed robbers without guns.

People are dying of hunger in the prison; they gave us beans for breakfast, rice for lunch and garri for dinner. The beans meals were ‘half-cooked’ with sand, hair and other objects, so we had to wash our food, pick out the beans and cook it again.

“The garri smelt of urine because it was processed very close to where the male inmates urinated. I was in Cell 1, which was for the big girls and high profile cases, while Cell 2 was for the village girls, cult members, kidnappers, s*x workers, etc.

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Normally, we picked ladies from Cell 2 to be our helpers and they ran errands for us.

“The name of my helper was Chidinma, I am happy she is also out of the prison and she would work for me later. I would mentor her and she would later work as my personal assistant. Chidinma – the mother of two – bought a stolen phone for a cheap price on the street, but unknown to her; it belonged to a cult member that was beheaded. The police traced the phone to her and she was charged with murder.

Luckily I was able to help her and she is a free woman now.”

“In prison, they are nobody; they look frail with various skin diseases. They are really suffering at the male section and they ought to decongest the place. The place is filled with very dangerous people and when I was taken to the prison the second time, I saw Jay Jay, the guy who shot policemen during the Zenith Bank robbery (in Imo State) last year.

“I told him that the video went viral and that he was in serious trouble. He was the one that helped me carry my bag to the prison gate when I was leaving the first time I left the prison. At the prison, they mixed the ladies awaiting trial with those that had been convicted of their crimes. It is very rough in prison, but I was a gangster there.”

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Kemi Olunloyo added that most inmates in Nigerian prisons as malnourished, adding that the food she and other inmates were served included ‘half-cooked’ beans every morning.

In as much as there seem to be favouritism and class even in prisons, every prisoner still suffers from malnourishment, bad food and bad health.

Truly, a Nigerian prison is not a good place to be. Stay out of crime as much as you can.

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