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Tom Cruise’s Obsessive Behavior Is Making “Mission: Impossible” “A Nightmare”



Tom Cruise’s obsessive behavior has reportedly caused production on “Mission: Impossible 7” to become “a nightmare.”

Filming on Mission: Impossible 7 has reportedly become “a nightmare” due to Tom Cruise’s obsessive behavior, the UK’s Sun reports.

“A lot of us would love to cut our losses and leave things for a while, then pick up when we can,” one insider told the outlet. “But Tom is completely obsessed with finishing and nothing will stop him..

“He’s the most determined person. It’s impressive, but a nightmare.”

Production for Mission: Impossible 7 began way back in 2019, but since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film has been hit with several delays. A number of crew members also quit working the movie following Cruise’s rant back in December regarding coronavirus safety protocols.

The insider continued: “This is starting to feel like a real nightmare of a production — and of course, a lot of that is totally unavoidable. But the hope was that after the pre-Christmas rows and delays, filming out in the UAE would give the crew more freedom to make headway without holdups. It feels like everything is against us at the moment and morale is really down.”

Mission: Impossible 7 is currently scheduled to hit theaters in November of 2021, assuming there are no further delays.

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