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This World Is Evil! How Man Buries His Own Baby Alive For Money Ritual (Details below)



People are so desperate for money that they can go to any length just to see that they get all what they want.

One of the worst crimes is to use your fellow human being for money ritual, however, people not minding the consequences still go ahead to commit this heinous crime.

Information was gathered that a young man was caught red- handed by a farmer who was cultivating close to where the suspect committed the barbaric act on his own baby for money ritual purpose.

On seeing the evil act the father of the child was about committing, the farmer immediately raised an alarm that attracted passerby in the community.

From the beginning of the owl thing, he ” the farmer’ thought the man was just carrying out his normal farm duties, however, on a closer look at the owl thing and more observation he then realized that the man was actually burying a little girl which was later revealed to be his own baby.

It was also revealed that the little baby girl was just about 1 year and 6 months.

After the evil act committed by the man, all efforts to revive the innocent baby girl back to life proved abortive as she was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

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Although, the suspect was said to have been tied like a goat and beaten to coma by angry youths of the community and has been handover to the police for further investigation.

Please say no to crime as it does not pay, but instead it put you in trouble and also makes you harm an innocent person or people too.

In the other hand, parents needs to be watchful & careful of their child/children, so that don’ t fall victim of kidnap, rape, ritual killings or any form of evil as people are wicked and desperate to do anything for money or other purposes.

#Stay Safe