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SUNDAY IGBOHO: Yoruba leaders, Tinubu, Osibanjo, Obasanjo, Afenifere chiefs, Governors Are Cowards, See My Reasons Of Saying It (Details below)



One Major Yomi Oghenetega who commented in a post on Opera News platform has taken Yoruba leaders to the cleaners. He is very unhappy with the way they fail to support Sunday Igboho in his fight against the Fulani herdsmen in the western states of Nigeria.

Sunday Igboho became prominent within the last few weeks when he started waging war against the Fulani herdsmen, starting from Igagan, a Yoruba community in Ibarapa North East local government area of Oyo state.
Prior to his emergence, Fulani herdsmen have been kidnapping, raping and demanding ransom from their victims, not only in the western states but also in other states of the country. Many of the Yoruba elders and their children have suffered in the hands of Fulani herdsmen.

Prominent of which was Olu Falae who decried the pains he went through in the hands of the Fulani herdsmen. They destroyed his farms. He cried out but nobody was able to help him. Chief Olu Falae was the national chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)

The daughter of a prominent Afenifere leader, Fasoranti, was kidnapped and the news was everywhere. There have been other kidnap cases across the western region of the country. A family that traveled from outside the country was kidnapped also with their children and taken to the forest in the western states.
Many of the Yoruba leaders cried out over the action of the Fulani herdsmen. That was one of the principal reasons why the governors formed the Amotekun. Although the Amotekun is doing its best, it must be stated that it has not been able to quell the activities of the Fulani herdsmen.

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At the emergence of Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho, it was expected that leaders of the Yoruba states will team up with him to stop the Fulani herdsmen. But lo and behold the leaders are quiet and not making a statement of support for Sunday Igboho.

Sunday Igboho seems to be fighting a lone war in a bid to free the western states from the attacks of the Fulani herdsmen. Even governors of the states are against him. Oyo and Ogun state governors have made statements against Sunday Igboho. To them, Igboho is doing what is wrong, despite their seeming failure to address the menace in their land.

Arising from this, Oghenetega said in his comment that Yoruba leaders are cowards. “Let’s say Sunday Igboho is from South East or Niger Delta, both old and young will support him. But look at Yoruba, none of the leaders is standing up to support him,” Oghenetega said.