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Stop Calling It Ghana Must Go, See The Real Name (Details below)



The Ghana must go bag is now a highly fashionable accessory that even top designer and fashion brands are making use of it but did you know that this innocent bag led to a lot of rivalry between the Nigerians and Ghanaians in the 1980s.

It is mostly used by second cycle student in Ghana and Nigeria. This is to help reduce the load or foodstuffs they send to the boarding house. Also, one can organize his or her things well with the help of the bag.

Again, the bag serves other purposes to mankind. It is mostly used by travellers to ensure that, their items are well organised and saved.

With this, it is easily to identify your bag as a traveller. This is because, the colour of your bag may differ from other travellers bags.

Surprisingly, most individuals have little or no knowledge about the original or correct name of the bag. It is mostly referred to as ” Ghana must go” by many in the society.

Many of us are well aware of the very popular sac- like bag that originated from Nigeria. The history of the bag starts back in 1983, when millions of Ghanaians refugees were forced to flee Nigeria due to political pressures.

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In a rush to pack their things, they resorted to what we now call the ‘ Ghana Must Go’ . Have you ever wondered why it’ s always called that name?

Have you ever wondered what it’ s original name or really is? Worldwide, the bag has a variety of other names associating it with migrants.

In Germany, it is called the ” Türkenkoffer” (Turkish suitcase), in the USA, the ” Chinatown tote. In Guyana, the ” Guyanese Samsonite” , and in various other places, the ” Refugee Bag” .

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