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SHOCKING: Pastors Caught Chewing Two Married Women (Video below)



Drama ensued in Kakamega after two pastors were caught pants down literally, having s3kxual intercourse with two married women.

Residents who spoke to the press alleged that the two are notorious for wrecking people’s marriages, leading many women astray and it was not a surprise when the proverbial 40 days reached.

The two ‘men of God’ had retreated to the same room to enjoy their time with the two married women when their happy moments were interrupted by an irate mob in Imbiakalo Village in Malava, Kakamega County.

One of the two preachers managed to escape while the other was rounded up and frog-marched to Malava police post, where he is being detained.

The whereabouts of the two women remain unclear.

Residents condemned the actions of the two preachers who belong to Nazareth Winners’ Church in Kakamega, terming it a “despicable and disrespectful” act.

“The pastors were having s3kx with my wife and the spouse of my neighbor. One of the said-preachers managed to escape, whereas the other was arrested. It hurts me that I found them engaging in intimacy in my house. That is despicable and disrespectful,” said one of the women’s aggrieved husband.

The incident caused an uproar among the local residents who blamed preachers for hypocrisy and wrecking people’s marriages.

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“These pastors are baffling us by the day. As an elder in Kakamega, we have never heard of such incidents before. Two pastors, two married women, in one room? That is pure disrespect!” lamented yet another to a local media house.

It remains unclear the wrongs the arrested preacher will be charged with.

Elsewhere, Gaia Dominici arrived in Kenya at the age of 20. She met Ntoiyai, a Masai warrior and the two fell in love. They got married and have a kid together. The one thing that matters the most to Gaia is the community that embraced her and even gave her a Masai name.

Gaia Dominici arrived in Kenya when she was just 20 years old.

The beauty who was born in Colombia was mesmerized by the sights and scenes she encountered in the country.

That was the moment Gaia fell in love with Kenya. Then the lady met a tall, dark and handsome Masai man who swept her off her feet and the butterflies in her stomach went on rampage.

Her heart beat fast and her soul felt at ease and her mind was set on fire. This was love.

Watch Video Below:

Gaia, who had been christened Naramatisho by her new Masai community fell in love with Ntoiyai, a warrior whose authenticity was his biggest selling point.

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In 2018, the excited woman traveled back home to notify her dad that her heart had found its other half and it was time for her to get married and settle in Kenya.

It came as a shock to her father who knew his daughter would live miles away with a man he did not know much about.

And not just anywhere in Kenya, Gaia planned to start a life in a close-knit Masai community that enjoyed a view of wild animals, trees, bushes and the scorching sun. The mother of one loves her simple life in the countryside and would not trade it for anything else.

She loves the animals, the traditions, the clothing, the food, sometimes sleeping in mud-walled houses and mostly, her African identity.