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SHOCKING: After Spending 17- year In Prison, See What This Man Did To The Police Oficers That Arrested Him And Took Away His Wife (Details below)



There are so many strange things happenings in this world these days that would make you marvel and question many things, having a man arrested just because you choose his spouse is the highest level of greed.

A 43- year- old man from Lusaka, the Gambia identified as Chris Mbolo who currently won freedom after he was falsely accused of murder by a police officer, who had then taken the man wife l to himself, however the man has forgiven the wife and the officer that locked him up for 17 years.

According to (Facebook page) who shared the story, the police officer framed and jailed him for murder just so he can get married to his wife. He succeeded with his plans and has spent ten years with her and now has a son who is already 14 years old.

After his release from prison, Mr. Chris is willing to reunite with his wife no matter all that happened. He additionally forgave the police officer and supplied him by giving him an invitation to be at the get- together he is organizing for himself and his wife.

Other picture to that was used for illustrative purposes

Let me ask a question to all my readers, if you in the shoe of this young man what would have been your actions, will you let go and forgive the police officers or you will take revenge for the 17 years you have spent in prison.

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Let me know what you have to say in the comment box below.

But let try and remember that even the Holy Bible says we should forgive our neighbors the way we want our heavy father to forgive us.

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