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See Photos Of Nigerians Who Were Caught Abroad For Drug Trafficking, See How They were Punish Heavily (Details below)



Drug trafficking is one the business some people do when they travel abroad. They engage themselves in it because they want to have money. They will forget the side effects they may happen when it’ s goes wrong.

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When you have too desperate to get money and you use bad way. It will surely end up in a bad thing, because chasing money in a wrong way will surely end you up. Too much love of money is sometimes devilish, because you will be finding all means to get the money, where you can even kill to get that money. Something devilish grows, which will surely lead you to bad place.

People engage in many different bad businesses to get money especially in these century where young people want to get money quickly, that’ s is the condition Nigeria puts its citizens, when one set of the country will be living at the expense of the others, but there is God and there is hope.

It’ s hard to stop crimes amongst the Nigerian citizens for two good reasons,

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1) the society

2) the leaders.

If they had succeeded, the society would have sung endless praises on them and rebuke the hardworking ones who were yet to succeed. Besides, our leaders make life unbearable most especially for the youths with the exception of their families. These two factors, induce die- hard habits in the citizens. Hardworking is no more well rewarded but seeing as the act of the fools.

Even if world trade and world bank CBN combined put in Igbo land the will still carry drugs abroad. because a typical Nyamiri is naturally criminal.

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