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See Pages In The Bible That Condemned Yahoo Business “Online Fraud”



A lot of our young boys, and Adults a straight away area unit going into a fallacious business (yahoo) because of the actual fact that they do not have cash to eat, feed their young ones, and that they believe being a yahoo boy or Frauds is the easiest method to succeed, however there are another set of individuals who set to be to frauds (yahoo) not as a result, they’ re poor bur because they are lazy and not able to work.

They do a style of a fallacious business (yahoo) like scamming their fellow Nigerians or foreigners(white people) online, though I do not blame any yahoo boy that I do not know. Thanks to the government too also are frauds, and that they do not need to develop the country an improved place. Therefore, boys there are often cashless within the country, Instead, they claim providing a job to individuals during which the regular payment is not even enough to carryout his or her wants.

Read the following verses in the Bible and find out yourself what it said about yahoo game. Proverb 20: 17 Proverb 13: 11 Leviticus 19: 13 1Timothy 6: 9- 10 Proverb 28: 22 Micah 2: 1- 3 Moreover, because of yahoo many youths have parted the ways of God and therefore, following the wrong way just to be on top, to make money.

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Many youths have involved on unmanned attitudes all for yahoo business. Many have sacrifice a lot on this just to make it work. Just to cheat their follow human beings. Whereas, there are many cool ways to make money using one’ s initiative and brain. Many have fall into drug addict all to be high and motivated to do the job. Many have taken yahoo to be their business and job.

Therefore, putting effects to make money from it. Not minding the consequence. It equally has a guy name now. This? Tell us what people at your area call these boys.