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See How A Lady Was Beaten By Boyfriend For Cheating On Him (Photos below)



Imagine this was your sister that her boyfriend did this to him all because of cheating on him. Because we are in a democratic country everybody has put the right on his or her hand abusing others.

According to my creativity, a guy caught his girlfriend red handed sleeping with his own friend in his room.

He told his girl that he was going to work and he may come back late because they has a meet in at the work place so the girl should expect him late in the night.

As the man was on his way to the work place he forgot of his documents which he said he was coming for them in the house, not knowing the girl called her different guy she is day I’d aside to come to their house all because her boyfriend has gone to work and will be coming home late.

As surprisingly the boy also rushed and came to the house as the girl said.

When the boy came they cried to warm their selves but during the proves the girl main boyfriend appeared to come for his document, unfortunately he appeared and saw them on his own bed heaving an affair.

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So he angrily beat up the girl mercilessly and asked her to pack her things because he don’t need her anymore.

My question is do the lady deserves to be beaten in such manner though the guy it right but not to that extend.