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See 3 Foods You Eat That Are Capable Of Killing You, Please Don’t Ignore! (Details below)



People could die from eating the wrong things and this is not talked about enough. Unhealthy eating does not kill as fast as a bullet, but it does reduce life quality over time and most times would even lead to a health problem that would then take a person’ s life. If the person had eaten healthy from the start, he/she would not have ended in that condition.

This is the reason why I encourage all of my readers to eat healthily and avoid foods that are not good for your body because in the end you are the one who will enjoy the good health. If you are new to the page, you can also join my daily readers by clicking subscribing so you receive daily food nutrition from this page.

So, what are these foods that are capable of killing a person when you consume over a period of time? Without wasting further time, below are the foods listed.

1. Red kidney Beans:

These foods originally have a lot of good nutrients like fiber, protein, essential minerals and vitamins, etc. they also contain phytohemagglutinin which is a toxic compound that will stop your body from absorbing nutrients in the correct manner and they do this by damaging the wall of your gut.

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2. Elderberries: supplements, pies, jam, wines are example of foods that are made from elderberry.

Cyanogenic glycoside which is very poisonous and can kill can be found in the seeds, leaves and twigs. The unripe fruit also causes a lot of problems when consumed.

3. Cassava:

The cassava is a very common food in west Africa used for making several other foods. It is a tuber crop which also contains a lot of cyanide and they have to be processed properly to make it safe for human consumption.