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Remember The Jamaican Musician That Implanted A Horn On His Head, See Recent Photo Of Him (Photos below)



Furtyle, whose first name is Kenardo André Robinson, said the implants were performed in Jamaica by a surgeon based in Canada.

Born and raised in Montego Bay, Furtyle said he aspired to be a rapper, but changed his mind years later. In 2010, he released his first single Kickers over Clarks, which was a counter- action to Vybz Kartel’ s hit single, Clarks.

His latest releases include Moneyology and Pocket Money, produced by Jones Ave and UIM Records respectively. The two singles were released in November of last year. Furtyle Brain said he’ s also busy producing his mixtape titled Wickedest Lyricist.

Reason why he implanted a horn in his skull

The 29- year- old singer said he did not have the horns implanted on his own will, noting that God ordered him to do so.

” There are some who think I’ m demonic, but that doesn’ t bother me much because I’ m not the first artist to be chosen. There are others who have done much less than me and who have received negative reactions. , ” he said.

See pictures of him with the horn

Furtyle Brain, who then removed his horn in 2017, said the reason he removed the horn was because of the media. This could lead to his death from the pain of the surgery.

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See recent photos of him without the horn on his head

Thank God Furtyle Brain took his horn off his head, he was starting to look unapproachable and I don’ t know how God will order a man to put a horn on his head, if God wanted to give him a horn, he would have been born with a horn.

Funny how many people do things to themselves and say God directed them to do it

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