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People Are Now Fearless, See The Unthinkable Thing Top Yoruba Leader Told Buhari (Details below)



The Paramount ruler of Iwoland, Osun State, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari and state governors to educate herders to embrace city life, in an open letter to them.

His appeal comes in the midst of the new worsening condition of insecurity the nation over.

The traditional ruler expressed that educating herders about city life would change their direction on the best way to approach their trade legally.

In the letter gave on Wednesday, the Oluwo said, ” . . . Formal schooling or vocational skills should be made compulsory for herders. . . The herders should be educated to embrace city life and not bush. They should be enabled with schooling. The life is richer in the urban communities than the bush. Doing such will shape their goal to legal methods for making colossal pay. ”

He said a portion of the herders who have become hijackers and attackers have lived all their lives in the woods, adding that their craving to make the most of life’ s luxuries with no formal schooling have made them a fiasco.

He faulted the Nigerian government for neglecting Fulani people throughout the long term and declining to address their roaming lifestyle.

He said, ” The underlying driver of the present predicament associated with insecurity and credited to the Fulani/Bororo was welcomed by past corrupt and visionless leaders who could not foretell it that, leaving people to remain in the backwoods without conveniences, luxury of life and modern technology will unavoidably advance insecurity at a slight exposure to those accessories.

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” Today, a few Fulanis/Bororos in the woodland have been presented to luxurious benefits, for example, cars, magnificent houses and conveniences. We have them as house servants, house aides, gatemen while we kept our cows with some as business.

” At a sample of such luxuries and in correlation with life in the woodland- of no wife, no electricity, no road, no flavors, no vehicle, no modern construction, they took to arms, hijacking, assaulting, tormenting and requesting payment to appreciate life accessories.

” The end justifies the methods, a few Fulanis are neglected. The public authority realizes they are Nigerians however won’ t address their solitary lifestyle. Large numbers of them would not be educated. We have such in significant ethnic divisions in Nigeria.

These people in the center grassroots feel little or no essence of government. What’ s more, they feel the pleasure of having houses, cars from all of us. They gadget implies, illegal or not, they care less.

” At an endeavor to belong, they depended on methods for increasing their expectation, not disapproving of the outcome. In the unrepentant move, many became casualties, innocently disfigured and killed. The Fulanis are all over. They have trained their lifestyles. They know the little hiding spots of all over the place.

” Unfortunately, a significant number of them are not pulled in to formal schooling. That complicates the problem. To exacerbate the matter, the desperados who discover delight in upsetting human peace infiltrated. They work together and develop technicalities in capturing and payoff collections. ”

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He also depicted successful information the board in Nigeria as a need at this critical opportunity to efficiently screen and identify infiltration.

He recognized the Nigerian government for upholding the compulsory enrollment of National Identity Number. ” The value is priceless. The enlightened will value this better, soon. Making information bank for Nigerians will enable security specialists and offices to easily screen criminals and wrongdoings, ” he said.

As indicated by the traditional ruler, farming should be advanced by the public authority. He said developing nations like Nigeria should be pulled in to modern methods for raising animals, most especially cattle.

He believed that open grazing may keep on leading to breach of peace, along these lines, the public authority needs to offer direction to everybody, not just Fulani people, on compelling methods for raising animals.

” I should condole with Nigerians and families of the individuals who have lost their relatives to banditry and all types of insecurity. I petition God for the backbone to bear the irreplaceable loss. As a natural principal ruler and one of the dads to the country, I’ m bereaved. No dad is cheerful when his children are killed. To all of you, may God forgive your shortcomings. “