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Opera News Hub Bans 14,114 Low-Quality Accounts, Suspends Registration of New Account



Opera News Hub has banned 14,114 low quality accounts from the platform.

This is coming after several warning to writers to desist from false news, plagiarism and pornographic content. In general opera frown at poor contents. And have warned authors on the platform to desist from them.

Read announcement below;

As previously announced, Opera News has conducted the first phase of the “Creator Audit” exercise and over 14,000 creator accounts have been banned from writing on the Hub..

We’ve dedicated our time in the last month to review the accounts of all Opera News Hub creators for promotion, demotion, or final dismissal from the Hub based on quality and performance. As always, our core objective is to optimize the Opera News-reader experience and maintain a healthy environment for quality creators.

To further emphasize our drive on quality, new account registrations have been suspended indefinitely. In the event that we decide to accept new account registrations in the future, approval will be based on the reviewed quality of your first-five submitted articles, followed by a quarterly review of registered accounts for promotion or removal.

Please note that this ban will not affect any author’s payment for articles published in January 2021.

If you believe your account has been wrongfully banned, please contact our support team via email and politely provide reasons for your disagreement and why you believe your account will be of value to the hub.

Finally, we wish to celebrate some of the top performers on the platform who not only create quality content but have also managed to maintain healthy accounts and good reading time consistently on their submissions. As previously mentioned, we will be rolling out some surprise packages to keep you motivated and show our appreciation for your commitment.


Opera News Team.

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