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OH NO! Sunday Igboho Finally Makes The Biggest Mistake Of His Life After Doing This (Details below)



Sunday Igboho is beginning to get his approach to the Fulani Herdsmen crisis very wrong. He needs a change of strategy, so as to prevent drowning in deep waters. He is becoming too daring and overbearing.

No matter how powerful he might think he is, he can’t defeat the state. The state is bigger than all of us. If there is any reason why Sunday Igboho is still a free man today, it is because of politics.

The Federal Government fears plunging Nigeria into a civil war by arresting Sunday Igboho, who has garnered much popularity this year. After sacking the Fulanis from Igangan, Oyo State, and being accused of causing the Seriki financial losses in the tune of N500 million with deaths recorded, Igboho would have been immediately declared wanted and subsequently arrested. Such a move can’t be made by any individual without political backing.

Igboho is gradually destroying the fences that protect him. Yesterday, he called out the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, whom he accused of taking bribe from President Buhari during their meeting at the Aso Rock Villa. He has declined a meeting with the traditional ruler. Igboho even went ahead to criticize the South-western political heavyweight, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu by regarding him and others as ‘Fulani slaves’.

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He has threatened to destroy the properties of the Fulanis which is against the law. These actions of attacking Fulani settlements, destroying their properties and sacking them only puts him at par with the oppressors. Nigeria is not the Banana Republic. There are still laws that guide this country as enshrined in the constitution. His recent action is like drowning yourself in fuel when you know your enemy has the fire.

When it is all said and done, the voices of the commoners cheering Igboho on social media and on the streets will not count. This is Nigeria! Only the opinions of the elites will matter. It will be easy to label Igboho a common criminal and dig up dirt on him, in order to punish him, if he loses critical political support and goodwill of the Yoruba leaders he is calling out.

Igboho needs to be very dynamic in his approach. He needs to know when to blow hot and also cold. Be soft and also be hard. This isn’t the Ife-Modake war, that was a local dispute. This is national politics for crying out loud. If there is a reprisal attack against the Yorubas in the north, Nigeria might be thrown into another civil war and Igboho will be labelled a common criminal.

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This gives the government a good reason to lock him up. I urge Igboho to explore political means and also make sure the Yoruba leaders are behind him in tackling this critical issue.

Ridiculing the prominent Yoruba leaders, who are not offering him support, might be good for the press, but it will be counter-productive in the long run. It is good he has tendered a public apology. But words are like eggs, when they are shattered, they can’t be recovered again.

God bless Nigeria. This is just my humble opinion. Who agrees with me here?