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#OccupyLekkiTollGate: Heavy police presence at #Lekkitollgate (photos + videos)



Authorities in Lagos have begun deploying increased security near the city’s Lekki Toll Gate as of Feb. 12 in preparation for a potential protest rally at the site. Activist groups had planned to demonstrate at the toll gate beginning 0700 Feb. 13; the action was to be in response to the Lagos State Judicial Panel’s decision to allow the toll gate to reopen after being closed when soldiers fired on demonstrators assembled there during a series of anti-police brutality protests in October 2020.

The Lagos State Police have prohibited the planned gathering from taking place and have warned that they will arrest any activists that assemble at the toll gate. Moreover, authorities plan to close the main gate into the Lekki Phase 1 area at 0500 Feb. 13. It remains unclear whether protest organizers intend to move forward with the event in defiance of the police ban and threats of incarceration; however, the potential for clashes will be elevated if the demonstration takes place as planned. Localized transport disruptions are likely near any protest activity that may materialize.

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