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Northerners Blow Hot As Fulani Herdsmen Start Killing People (Details below)



About the incident that happened in Ibadan on Friday where yoruba and Hausa clashed over the killing of a pregnant woman by a suspected Hausa man, there was a trending video on social media on how Fulani people are relocating from Shasha market to unknown destination. The person that was recording video is a Yoruba man and he was cursing them in his local language.

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A lot of people especially northerners has reacted to this video after It went viral on social media, some people condemn the incident and urged the government to do the needful in time, some people apologized to the northern youth over the reprisal attacks and tell them not to take laws into their hands.

I weep for Nigeria. How can any of the numerous tribes claim total ownership of a country of 200 million people and assault others with gross impunity for so long? People will revolt, government should do the needful before it degenerates into a full blown war. If care is not taken, all other tribes including Hausa will wage war against Fulanis.

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Did the Southerners blew ” hot” when a woman was killed for asking the mallam praying in front of her shop to shift? Or, when anot woman, preaching early in morning was hacked to death for the offence of preaching?

All human beings are wired by God, our Maker to protect whatever is their belongings from God. Let the Northerners be blowing hot on the property of other people.

When govt fails, anarchy reigns. This could be true of Naija. Fulani should learn to be tolerant with their neighbours and avoid killing at every little provocation. Other tribes should not, as a matter of fact, put all Fulani in one basket. Innocent Nigerians shouldn’ t be made to suffer when few miscreants misbehave.

Nig govt should stop seeing the ruling tribe as sacred cows that cannot be touched when they offend. It is loss of confidence in the executive and judiciary that is leading to all these counter attacks and reprisals. Nigerians please be patient with one another and avoid punishing the good because of the bad.

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