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No Nigerian Guy Can Afford Me I Am Too Expensive For You All – Pretty Lady Says (Details below)



Twitter user has just been talking about lots of people lately with the handle ‘Betty’ as she feels so respected than many other women.

She thinks her life should put her on a higher side than other women for luxury stuff. Betty, though pretty, just claimed that no Nigerian man could afford her.

She claims to be more expensive than any other woman because no Nigerian guy can afford her regular maintenance without talking about giving her money. She’s basically saying that all Nigerian men are poor.

Betty @otipojuu made the tweet as below: “Nigerian boyfriends cannot afford me, I’m expensive My daily upkeep alone costs over N170K I’m not cheap girlfriend” Well, only an insane guy with no vision will agree to keep you as a girlfriend.

This lady seems to have no direction and vision about her future. Imagine if you invest 170k daily in a business. Well I pity her boyfriend.