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Nnamdi Kanu: I Can Forgive Everybody Including Satan But I Will Never Forgive Yoruba Media (Details below)



# Don’ t take my word for it, take the words of the governor of Benue state, I am going to play his voice now so that you will hear what he said. I Love Jesus And I’ m Proud To Say It.

# Facebook does not comprehend what we are saying, all they appreciate is let’ s live together as one Nigeria.

# Have you ever seen a Fulani man came out to condemn the killings by the Fulani man?

# Look at what is occurring in Yorubaland they have all mobilized concurrently to support the young man that is combatting the Fulani.

# I want the world to discern the hurdles and obstacles IPOB has to withstand to get where we are today

# IGBO is the only people on this earth that will reject their identity

# We have suffered, the pain is unbearable, the Igbo is a very very stubborn race, to get where we are today was never easy.

# The reason why our Yoruba brethren were attacking us previously is that they never had a Nnamdi Kanu in the west.

# But as soon as they got their own Nnamdi Kanu they started to support him.

# As soon as Biafra comes some of you will move on and mine continues until Nigeria discontinues to exist.

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# I told you that Fulani is coming and they said I am a warmonger, and today they are here.

# I want to play the voice of a Nigerian governor, so that you may know the person responsible for the mayhem in Nigeria.

# Ortom said Miyethi Allah must be arrested, the same Miyethi Allah that is working with Obiano in Anambra.

# You have a band of Terrorist as the so- called presidency, this is what a Governor who is privileged to some Intel is telling you.

# Fulani, even if they are murdering you they bind together to protect one of them.

# But for you people, you will always deny yourself, it is called self- hate.

# A whole president in the ZOO will come out and defend killers, but you people out of your jealousy will never defend those that are defending and fighting for you.

# I can forgive everybody including satan but I will never forgive Yoruba media.

# I ask Facebook and all these Intellectual, somebody is on your farm raping your mother, how do I stop him from raping my mother on the farm? Please answer me how do I defend myself? What do you expect me to do?

# It is Britain that is defending and protecting Fulani, that day they came to my house to kill me and they failed, that is when they knew that it is game over.

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# Fulani moving cattle from place to place like deranged lunatics, these are the people you gave your nation to run for you

# A child was shot dead yesterday coming back from school, did yoruba media cover it?

# Shake Gumi went into the bushes to visit the killer bandits, the bandits, went into the meeting with their AK47.

# Some of the bandits even came to the meeting with their Ak47 can you imagine?

# let me make this very clear this night, every biafran in the north you better come back home! ! ! anything that happens to you that is your problem if you remain in the north they are going to kill you.

# They take your crude to Equitorial Guinea and other countries, refine it there and bring it back to you, tell me any country that is more idiotic than the ZOO.

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