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Nigerian President In 2023– Not Igbo, Hausa Or Yoruba, See Who Should Be President (Details below)



The discussion ought to be on the ‘ ‘ Nigerian president’ ‘ in 2023, a pioneer who isn’ t characterized by his ethnic and strict bearing; a healer, unifier, president and consoler- in- boss.

A large portion of us concur that the solidarity of Nigeria is held by a dubious string, and that by the hands of the current organization old scars have been slashed to drain outrage and disdain. Dozing canines stirred and the flares of division stirred up persistently. Nigeria needs mending. 2023 ought to be for mending.

Nigeria needs a specialist. Indeed, the country needs a woodworker. It additionally needs a manufacturer and an engineer. In the event that we are on the whole burning of recuperating from almost six years of scorn throwing, recriminations and enmity, for what reason would we say we are not having discussions around a ‘ ‘ healer president’ ‘ in 2023– a Nigerian president who will repair the messed up and perhaps set up humpty- dumpty once more? For what reason would we say we are having discussions on the early stage– ethnic starting point and religion? Have we not languished enough over our helpless decisions driven by atavistic proclivities?

While we are focused on ethnic inception and religion as the essential reason for picking the following president, we dismiss the basic measuring sticks of administration– forerunners, capability, qualifications, accomplishments, evident records, and tried capacities. Truly, there are individuals with these characteristics in each ethnic gathering in Nigeria, yet my anxiety is that these characteristics are not accentuated in our constituent interaction and discussions. Or maybe the premium is on the ethnic and strict personality of who should be president.

Fredrick Nwabufo

We can’ t ascend as a country in the event that we don’ t transcend our ethnic and strict inclinations. When we go to emergency clinic, do we try to decide the ethnic birthplace of the specialist prior to getting treatment? When we need to have our vehicles fixed, do we give it a second thought if the specialist is Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba? In these occasions, we are substantially more worried about getting master answers for our wellbeing and auto difficulties. Anyway, for what reason would we say we are focused on ethnic birthplace and religion with regards to the workplace of the president– an administrative role that can make or demolish our lives and future?

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Similarly as we would not have any desire to bargain our wellbeing by looking for identity rather than skill in getting treated, we ought not trade off our future by highlighting nationality and religion rather than ability, precursors, and demonstrated records for administrative roles. At the point when the flammable emulsion of identity and religion turns into the benchmark for initiative, at that point disappointment is sure. We will fall flat as a nation over and over in the event that we proceed on this way of iniquity.

Why authority has consistently fizzled in Nigeria is generally a direct result of an embittered followership. Indeed, the all- encompassing point of choosing or choosing individuals into political office by the prototype Nigerian is for the quest for individual, sectional and strict interest. It is the explanation, the Igbo need their man in the seat of force; it is the explanation the Yoruba need their individual there and it is additionally the explanation the Hausa and the Fulani need their own there. It isn’ t about Nigeria or all Nigerians.

Once more, as the overall purpose for choosing pioneers is to satisfy biased interest- there isn’ t anything about the group or the entire- nepotism rules. The authority plan is slanted for a gathering or part of the nation- an isolated perspective on- and why solidarity stays a sacred goal here. Indeed, this is the reason chiefs are inclined to advancing sectional interest– in light of the fact that the individuals who chose them did as such based on their ethnic starting point and religion, and not on the substance of their character or the heaviness of their records, skill level and forerunners.

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What we give is the thing that we get. We choose pioneers dependent on their ethnic and strict foundations; we get nepotism, partiality, and state fanaticism. As I regularly say, ‘ ‘ turn- by- turn administration’ ‘ (based on ethnic inception alone) will just yield us ‘ ‘ turn- by- turn’ ‘ hopelessness. Truly, we will continue to pursue the will- o- the- wisp of progress on the off chance that we persevere on this way.

To hit the nail on the head, we should get down to metal tacks. Once more, for what reason does administration fizzle in Nigeria? Since the interaction of political projection is corrupted by ethnic and strict biases. Thus, for a change, we should start to underscore the rudiments of initiative and we should have discussions around these subjects. We should start a cycle of social assembly- electrifying souls on the Nigerian reason and making the state of mind for the privilege electing projections in our participatory majority rule government. We need a discount move in our viewpoint.

The discussion ought to be on the ‘ ‘ Nigerian president’ ‘ in 2023, a pioneer who isn’ t characterized by his ethnic and strict bearing; a healer, unifier, president and consoler- in- boss. Nigeria needs recuperating. Like the US under Joe Biden– after an extremely troublesome principle by Donald Trump– Nigeria needs a president who will transparently proclaim in words and in deeds– ‘ ‘ I am for each Nigerian, paying little heed to ethnic inception, religion or political connection