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‘My Husband Wants Me To Do Anal Intercourse With Him Or He Calls Off The marriage Or Cheat’ – Lady Says



A lady is currently in a dilemma after what her husband is demanding from her.
According to the lady, her husband wants to have anal intercourse with her adding that the man is saying if she refuses he will either divorce her or cheat on her..

She shared her story with popular Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing Okoro who also shared her opinion about it..

Sharing her opinion, she said;

“My husband wants me to do anal sex or he calls off the marriage or cheat .

My opinion
Let him call off the marriage and let him cheat .
You are not an object but a wife, you are not a slave , 2 can only become one in agreement, if u don’t agree then it’s forcefully and selfish .
Call his bluff until he is ready to talk and make you understand the process, by making comfortable and relaxed to enjoy it if U want it . If not that , call his bluff .
Oga go and cheat abeg”

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