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My husband Has Been Sleeping with Our 9 Months old son, Help me get Justice”, Mom Cries Out (Details below)



“I just recently found out that my husband sneaks out of our bed at night to go sleep with our 9 months old son, I’m desperately in need of justice”, cries out a Nigerian mom.

A woman from Nigeria, Onyinye Onome recently took to social media that her husband has been allegedly sleeping with their 9 months old son and this has been going on for quite some time now.

The mother of the 9 months old boy is currently residing in Lagos State and she went on to tell the about what her husband has been doing to their son on Facebook. The lady broke in tears from the heartbreaking story of a father putting his own son through such abuse.

She revealed that she and her husband got married on the 20 Dec 2019 and has since been observing weird activities done by her husband whom she has accused of molesting their son.

A few months after the boy was born, Onyinye started to notice her son pulling the father’s manhood on various times.

Take a look at her heartbreaking photo narrating what her husband has been doing to their son

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