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My husband has been having s*x with my sister. Should I kill them? I am so hurt



I have been married for six years now but I regret so much on why I tied the knot to this man who has been hurting and cheating on me. It all started about a year ago when I found a text message in his phone where he had confessed his feeling to another woman. I confronted him about it and he told me to mind my business and to never again go through his phone. I was so hurt.

He completely changed. He would come late and drunk and hurl insults at me and tell me that he did not love me at all. I tried investigating which woman he was having an affair with but he had hidden her identity so well that it was hard for me to find out who she was. One day, I got an idea, I took the number of the woman and saved it in my phone so that I could try to track the woman. However, something odd happened when I took the number, I realized it was matching my younger sister’s number.

I could not believe it, so all this time, my husband was having an affair with my sister behind my back. I was so furious. I wanted to go kill them both for the pain and betrayal they had cost me. I called one of my best friends and told her what I had found out and how mad I was at my husband and sister.

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She told me not to even think about killing them because I would end up in jail. She instead advised me to get a spell from a famous traditional herbalist called Doctor Mugwenu and teach the two a lesson. I called the doctor on 0740637248 and told him what I was going through. He asked me to see him the following day and I did so. On visiting him at his work place, he cast a misery spell that would teach my hubby and sister a lesson for having an affair.

The next day, my husband and sister met to have sex in her house and as soon as they got started; they got stuck to each other while having sex and started wailing in pain. After suffering hours of suffering, Doctor Mugwenu reversed the spell and I warned them against ever messing with me again.

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