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“My father has disowned me” – Lady with Bobrisky’s tattoo laments (Video)



A young woman has cried out for help after getting disowned by her father for inking the tattoo of Bobrisky’s face on her back.

The trend of getting tattoos of celebrities by their fans has always been a trend until recently when it started getting rewarded with huge gifts..

The lady in question drew the face of Bobrisky on her back as a way of showing love and support for the controversial male barbie.

“My father has disowned me” – Lady with Bobrisky’s tattoo laments (Video)

Her gesture however backfired as her father disowned her for belittling herself to the end.

Watch the video below ….

See some reactions from Netizens below …

thriftbytld: You’re maad for allowing me to waste my data for watching ur useless video your father should have done worst to you… How old are you gan … wish i knew her handle.

madefolzaccessories: So you have a father

2niterabbai: Joblessness don finish people for Naija

sir_waco_auto07: Dis woman no let me swear for you oh are you high

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