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My Carpenter Entered My House While I Was Having My Bath, And This Happened – Lady Cries Out (Details below)



A lady has stirred reactions online after she shared her experience when she arrived at Abuja. The lady narrated what happened at her new apartment.

One important thing everyone must learn is respecting boundaries. A lot of girls have been victims of physical abuse and molestation because their privacy was invaded. Over the years, I have come to realize that a lady shouldn’t be left alone with a technician whenever house repairs are going on. We have seen situations where these house technicians take advantage of women simply because they’re powerless.

As stated above, a lady narrated her experience when she just moved to Abuja. The lady identified as “separate” on Twitter said that when she just arrived at Abuja, the door of the apartment she rented was bad. She said her landlord promised to send someone to repair it.

The lady said while she was having her bath, she heard her door open, so, she quickly put on a towel and came out to see the person that entered the house.

Surprisingly, she saw her carpenter who helped her in moving her mattress a day before. The lady said the carpenter said he took the house key because he wanted to see her again. The scared lady said the carpenter came closer to her and told her not to be afraid. At this point, the lady said she screamed and luckily her neighbor’s son heard her voice and came to her rescue.

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The above narration has triggered different reactions online. Many people condemned what the technician did, while others expressed their surprise.

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