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Meet The Kenyan Lady Who Has Slept With 104 Men After This Happened (Photos below)



A young girl by the name @Ceciliawambui has Revealed on how she used to sleep with snakes and ate corpse while on ghetto Radio.

She added that her spirit would be carried direct to mortuary once she fell a sleep. This has left Many surprised and wondering on how she servived by doing this acts.

Some of the Ghetto Radio fans got surprised to an extent that they could not reply nor tweet anything. On the other side, Wambui is seen to be polite, humble and a good girl through her photos.

She went a head to inform the people on how she got married to her boyfriend before finishing her form four and later removed pregnancy and moved to Nairobi where she became a maid.

While in Westlands is when she started hooking up with different men. She revealed that she bedded over 100 married men. She as well had boyfriends but their relationships never lasted more than four months.

Cecilia narrated how she came to be possessed by demons and would get weird dreams. Sometimes she would dream of having gone to the mortuary and had s3xual intercourse with dead bodies.

This problem disturbed her for a while.

At some point, she decided to seek help from a pastor who demanded that she pays Ksh 6,000 for deliverance. She failed to raise that money and continued experiencing the same spiritual connection to the dead.

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