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Marriage Is Not By Force, See What a Bride Did To Her Husband On Their Wedding Day (Details below)



Marriage is not a bed of roses, it is never easy and it is for better and for worse but that does not mean that one should remain in a toxic marriage. When choosing a partner, never rush and always bear in mind that your lifetime is with them. Moreso, Marriage is good and is sweet when one is married to someone one truly feels something for.

Girls and men should stop getting involved in a serious relationship because of money or material things, rather get involved because of love which covers all mistakes. Also, parents should stop forcing their children into early marriage because of greed or forcing your child to marry because they are aging, marriage is not for everyone.

A video of such scenario popped up online via King Tunde Ednut’s page. In the video, a young lady was looking sad when her husband who looks pretty older than her was trying to feed her cake and wine during their wedding. The lady acted like someone who was forced.

This video got people talking about marriage, most said that it is not by force. An instagram user identified as Yetunde said “This is the worst thing you can ever do to yourself! Never marry out of pity or for selfish reasons!”

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See some screenshots of how people reacted to this video below.