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Man Calmly Watches as his Estranged Wife and Mistress Fight in DPO’s Office (Video below)



A video making the rounds online shows the moment a man’s estranged wife and mistress fought over him in a Divisional Police Officer’s office.

The man had reported his domestic issues to the DPO who then called them to settle the dispute.

The estranged wife lamented about how the mistress caused her marriage to break, and accused her of being responsible for her husband’s neglect of his family.

According to her, the man is no longer interested in her, and because of the new mistress, he is not interested in his kids either.

It was not long after the trading of words that a physical exchange began while people present in the office tried to separate them.

However, the husband who was at the center of the matter, was seen sitting and watching quietly as the two women displayed drama over him.

Watch the video below:

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