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Linda Ikeji’s Brother Peks Ikeji Under Fire For Claiming He’s ‘Interested’ In Omotola’s Daughter As An Uncle



Blogger Linda Ikeji’s brother Peks Ikeji has been under fire online for claiming he’s only interested in Omotola Jalade‘s daughter Meraiah as an uncle and nothing else..

Commenting on a photo of the young lady celebrating her 21st birthday, Peks Ikeji was so surprised saying she’s all grown up already and that has caused him some slamming.

According to some netizens, it’s as if Peks Ikeji has been waiting for the young lady to grow up so fast and he replied to that saying he’s only interested in that as an uncle and nothing more.

That even spoiled his case as some people think using that phrase ‘as an uncle’ has another motive behind it as some people use that to take advantage of innocent girls.

Screenshot below;