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JUST IN: Sunday Igboho Shocks Nigerians, Makes Fresh Comment Again (Details below)



The famous Yoruba activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho has made a new shocking remark, stating that he would no longer grant interview again. He categorically stated on Wednesday that anyone that intends to contact him should reach out to his spokesman. This is interesting.

According to the Nation Newspaper, Sunday Igboho equally denied trending reports of civil war attributed to him, saying that he was not an instigator of ethnic crisis and would never do. He further stated that anyone advancing and promoting ethnic disharmony should be arrested and prosecuted accordingly. Concerning the eviction notice issued to the Fulani herdsmen, he maintained that he would no longer answer calls or interviews on that issue.

However, he maintained that the ongoing struggle against some violent Fulani herdsmen has no connection with any ethnic group, but it is directed towards fashioning out a more reliable opportunity for everyone. In a bid to curtail the overbearing influx of reporters and journalists to his door, Igboho, in the short viral video, also introduced his spokesman, Olayomi Koiki, to speak on his behalf henceforth.

Given the fact virtually every media house wanted to have a discussion or interview with him, Igboho finally maintained that he will no longer grant interviews, stating any news that comes from Koiki is authentic. This is a well thought out action and decision that will bring about sanity in his channel of communication. In the same vein, it will curb him from making some gaffes that he has been making in recent times. More than any other time, the authorities should treat his observations very urgently. Some fulani herdsmen are hiding under the guise of cattle rearing to perpetuate iniquity and this must be stopped forthwith.

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On the whole, it is hoped and believed that the struggle initiated by Chief Sunday Igboho will bring about sanity and orderliness back to Yoruba land. This is the minimum that should be guaranteed by the government.