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Is This Masquerade Or A Lover Boy? Man Gone Viral For Kissing While Putting On A Masquerade Costume (Photos below)



Is This Masquerade Or A Lover Boy? Mixed Reaction As Masquerade Was Captured Kissing A Girl This picture has caused lots of reactions on social media.

People are reacting because what they saw in the picture is unusual, for a masquerade to remove his costume because of love.

People were like is this a Masquerade or a lover boy, but to answer that question it is a Masquerade but when you are in love, you can behave like someone who doesn’ t give a dam about what people would say.

And this is also showing us that people are now defiling the culture there are some places ladies don’ t watch masquerade and sometimes ago ladies are often scared of Masquerade but today look at this lady kissing a guy In Masquerade consume.

It shows that people are now disrespecting their tradition when kinds of stuff like this happens.

Well, you cannot blame them because they are both lovers so they are expressing their love but it shouldn’ t be this time the guy is putting on a Masquerade costume it looks wired, and people who know what culture and tradition are all about won’ t be happy seeing what this guy is doing with the masquerade. In some places, the elders of the land can ban this guy for this act. Yes, because traditionally it is wrong there are things you don’ t do when you are in some positions like this because it can cause a great problem traditionally.

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In the Anambra State of Nigeria, there is a particular masquerade that ladies don’ t watch yes, I have heard and seen it because according to some people they said ladies aren’ t worthy to stand before the masquerade but look at what is going on here It’ s very funny though. They are having a good time while the guy is putting on his Masquerade costume.