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Igbos React As An Igbo Man Launched An Airline Called “United Nigeria” – Photos And Reactions below



It can be recalled, the Airline has been approved by National Aviation Authority, and issued a licensed certificate of operation to use the aircraft for a commercial purposes.

As it was launched, and began its operation yesterday, most Igbos vowed never to use the airline, and slammed Dr. Obiorah Okonkwo for naming his airline, “United Nigeria”. They stated that the country isn’t united, and the businessman should have rather used another name.

While some sent in their congratulatory comments and commended the CEO for the feat being achieved and launching an aircraft for the benefit of the Igbo people.

According to Aloysius Mmiri, he said it’s only in Nigeria people that don’t have job are bent on criticizing people that will employ them.

A comment from Okoro Chinedu Goodness read that people should stop criticizing the CEO, he might actually use the name to draw Government favour to his side.

However, Tochukwu Onuegbu vehemently criticized the CEO, and tagged the airline as abominable because he can’t enter an airline being called a United Nigeria. Another comment read that it’s the name the cabal instructed the airline to be called before it was approved for operation.

Obviously, with people’s comments as touching the launching, and operation of this airline, the country on its own has already been divided. It’s imperative the Government find a permanent solution to this earlier, before it leads to another civil war.

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What are your opinions about the newly launched airline that has begun operation in the East yesterday?

Check out screenshots from other people reactions;