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If She Was Your Sister, Would You Advise Her To Date Him? -Question



There are things one need to consider before going into a relationship as it is not about height, flexing, money, mating and some other things alone.

A relationship without a strong foundation will eventually collapse at the end and will yield to nothing. Relationship can be tasking, complicating and demanding.

Many tend to start a relationship and at the long run, they might start encountering some difficulties and misunderstanding.

It is so disheartening that ladies nowadays are after money and luxuries.

I saw a tweet this morning and I was so surprised to see a very young lady beside a man who is older enough to give birth to her.

I think the handler saw the picture somewhere and ask if his readers can allow the young lady to date the guy.

Below is his tweet:

However, below in screenshots and more are reactions and comments from his followers:

Having read it all, what do you think?

Can you allow a sister of yours to date such man?

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