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I am Ready to be Someone’s Daughters Wife – Beautiful Lady Cries Out



A young lady took to social media to say that she is ready to be someone else’s daughters wife . What most people were looking at is her amputated leg . Some were being so insensitive asking how she will be a makoti when she can not do anything herself .

I almost shared a tears because it’s not like she chose to be this way . We seriously don’t know what she had to go through in order to get to where she is . No one want their legs to be amputated no matter what happens.

Other people were saying that she is lesbian and that she should go look for someone on another app as Tweeter does not condone the madness she just posted . What everyone should know about tweeter is that , where her you do good or bad , in their eyes it will always be bad.

So try by all means to avoid sharing your achievements or big news to tweeter , it will surely decrease your self esteem.
She is beautiful and a happy soul at all times . I hope she does find someone who will love her the way she is .