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Hours After This Igbo Man Called Buhari A Weak President, Check Out What Happened To Him (Details below)



Just in case you’ve been using abusive words on the President Buhari, what happened to Somto Onuchukwu should serve as a warning to you.

Few hours ago, a pro-PDP social media commentator known as Somto Onuchukwu was arrested at his residence on Friday morning in Abuja.

Until his arrest, Somto Onuchukwu was an anti-Buhari social media commentator. He was fond of using abusive words on our beloved president.

In his last tweet before he was arrested, Somto Onuchukwu called President Buhari the weakest president ever in the history of Nigeria. That’s very wrong and highly disrespectful.

According to reports, his wife, Ada, confirmed that he police claimed her husband did something against the law but without elaborating. While some Nigerians are happy over his arrest, some have voiced out their anger with the hashtag; #Freesomto.

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Somto Onuchukwu’s arrest will serve as a warning to everyone who use abusive words on the president. A word is enough for the wise