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Hours After Fulani Herdsmen Blocked Abuja Road With Cows, See What FFK Said Again (Photos below)



The issue of conflict between herders and farmers continues to be a source of concern for many peaceful Nigerians. It is obvious that this issue has existed for a long time now.

Overall efforts by the federal and state governments to end the cattle raiding are still not working as some Fulani herdsmen continue to face trouble. Not too long ago, Fulani herdsmen blocked a busy road in Abuja.

It is observed that both okada riders, motorists, and pedestrians had to retreat for the passage of the cows.

Here is a screenshot;

Here are some pictures;

After news broke of Fulani people attacking farmers and Fulani herdsmen killing civilians, Fani Kayode tweeted that he was against death of innocents.He reacted to the Sultan of Sokoto’ s remark. ” Oba Adelabu has spoken well about the issues of Fulani herdsmen. ” Some Fulanis are good but not all are bad. He urged Nigerians to stop discriminating against Fulanis. Qureshi suggested that, ” Seven to eight kidnappers arrested are Fulanis but that does NOT mean EVERY Fulani is a criminal.

We must put hands TOGETHER to bring an end to this problem” . His Eminence said the truth. I commended him as well as agreed with his decision.This comment has generated a lot of attention from Nigerians so far. Most people think it is right that Nigerians should not victimize Fulanis. They claim that there are plenty of good Fulanis in the country.There are some people who believes that what he said is wrong; these people, however, failed to draw up a point to counter this argument.

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Are you of the opinion that Femi’ s opinion is correct?

Have you experienced cattle raiding before?•

Do you believe that the Fulanis are good?

Here are some pictures;

Nigerians are however reacting.

Here are some comments so far;

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