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HORRIFIC: Kenyan Female Mortuary Attendant Sends Tongues Wagging After Doing This (Details below)



For many Kenyans working among the dead is the scariest jobs on earth. For some they would rather be jobless than work as morticians or morgue attendants. However Ann and Alice Awuor Omito are Kenya’s female mortuary attendants . Ann is a Mortician at Pope Benedict Hospital while Alice works at Rosewood Funeral Home in Rongo . One of the more staggering confessions they made is that preparing the dead for burial is what makes them happy, holding all other factors constant. While in an interview with a local magazine the two in separate accounts reveals shocking details of their jobs.

“They expect a Mortician to be a man, they don’t believe a woman can do the work we do. Then remember that olden way of seeing people who work at the morgue looking disheveled and probably on drugs? That’s what is expected of those in my profession. When they meet a well put-together lady they even assume I’m the secretary or receptionist.” Ann says .

Ann reveals that when she is in a night shift , a car is always stsndby to pick her from home if she has to receive the body at night . She says that clients always get shocked when they meet her at night doing her job,

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“When I’m on call especially during the night shift we normally have a vehicle and driver on standby in case I may have to receive a body at night. So in such instances, when the driver has picked me from my house and we arrive to find the clients waiting, they get shocked when they see me with the keys to the office. They even ask “…ni wewe tulikuwa tunangoja?”she says

On her side ,the 26-Year-Old mortician Alice Awuor says she began working as a morgue attendant at Star Mortuary in Kisumu two years ago before transferring to Rosewood in Rongo.

“I enjoy spending a better part of my working days with the dead. I can’t imagine staying away from them even for a single working day. I have to go and look at the bodies stored in freezers daily,”Awuor said.

Awuor, who dropped out of nursing school, fearing a future unemployment, added: “I discontinued my studies in nursing and pursued mortuary science because of available job opportunities in the latter field. I don’t regret changing professions, not one bit.”

She noted that mortuary science is a field dominated by male workers, but said that it does not scare her as she is often chosen over her male colleagues to do certain tasks of preparing the dead for burial. The mother of one added that contrary to many people’s belief that morticians often use hard drugs before getting down to work, she has never abused drugs.

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“When I was new in this job I had fears and challenges handling the dead, but now I enjoy every bit of my work. I adapted so fast and I am comfortable,” she said.

On the challenges she has faced on the job, Awuor said she was ditched by her ex-partner after he learned about Awuor’s career.

“My boyfriend recently dumped me when I told him that I work as a morgue attendant. Discrimination is just one of the several challenges I face for being a mortician. The challenges are normal though. No job is immune to challenges regardless its nature.”

The story of the two ladies reveals how aggressive women are in trying to earn a living . They justify that women can do what men do.

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