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Have Never Been Disgrace Like This Said A Female Team of Army Robbers Who Were Caught in Benin (Photos below)



Have never been disgrace like this Said A femala team of Army Robbers who were caught in Benin.

A team of four specialised Army Robbers were caught today along Benin-Auchi Expressway. The gang members of two female and two male, they usually operates in a taxi in Edo state.

Today, luck ran against them as they caught in an usual manner along Benin-Auchi Expressway. They were almost lynched thanks to timely intervention of the Police.

During interrogation after they were caught, the leader of the gang which is a woman told why she engages in armed robbery. The woman narrates thus:

” i lost my husband early in my marriage. Before he passed on, we had three kids. After he died, i don’t know what to do and how to feed them. I enter into many businesses, they all yielded no results.

“As i tried hard to feed my children, i decide to go into robbery. i have been doing this years now. It is only today that i’m caught. i’m sorry and i have repented from this acts.”