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Fulani Crisis: “Sunday Igboho Gave Up His Fight Against Fulani Herdsmen Because He Knew Yoruba People Are Not Together”- Uthman



Recently several people began wondering why Sunday Igboho could withdraw his tentacles on the recent war he started against the Fulani herdsmen in Yoruba Land. While proffering for the reasonable intentions that must have made Igboho give up unexpectedly on his battle which he was kicking with his best vigor, many reviewers suggested one reason or the other, which might have softened Igboho’ s motivation on his battle.Some of them said it was because of betrayal, just as Igboho wept about when former aviation minister chief Femi Fani Kayode visited him in Ibadan.Some of the people claimed that the reason Igboho retired from his quest was that he didn’ t get large support and encouragement from Yoruba people as he anticipated, particularly from top Yoruba leaders. His courage was made to contract entirely when he visited the Ogun State to chase the herdsmen but was attacked by some Yoruba leaders.In more ideas, some people said he gave up his mission because the federal government froze his Bank Account.But in all said by these people I am only curious about what this popular personality, Ismaeel Uthman said. According to him, Igboho gave up his fight because he might have examined the battle and realized he cannot win the war.This is certainly where I wish to bring my point, it would be good to note that any battle to force any people or ethnic group out of any religion of Nigeria, may never be attainable as long as Nigeria remains one country. It should be a lesson to others, that it is extremely unfair to ask any ethnic group to leave a specific part of the country because every Nigerian has the right to live in any part of the country as long as it’ s peaceful and united.In the same belief, it would also be very bad to call a specific tribe or ethnic group in Nigeria terrorists, because every ethnic group in Nigeria may certainly have criminals and good citizens among them. There are criminals in Igbo land, there are criminals in Yoruba land, there are criminals in Hausa Land, and also other tribes in Nigeria. So watching this, it is never civilized to regard an entire ethnic group as criminals because of the behavior of the few members.In a real feeling, boho truly tried for prevailing for his people in a time of the problem, but the simple error I believe he made was to consider all the FULANIS or Herdsmen as criminals. He shouldn’ t have taken it up to the degree of seeking all the Fulani herdsmen out of all Yoruba land. What he should have done instead is to make efforts to fish out the criminals among the herdsmen, then regarding all of them as criminals, because I believe, not all the Fulani herdsmen are criminals, there are some good ones among them.One more mistake I guess Igboho made was that he carried laws in his hands, this may be the purpose he didn’ t get enough support from people as hoped. for because a sensible person would realize that no one is capable to give quit notice to any tribe in any part of the country unless the government authorizes such. Igboho should have disagreed and allowed the Government to take the prosecutions because the government is constantly there for such problems. Taking the actions himself may seem that he didn’ t respect the government, or proving that he was powerful than the government.I, therefore, call on the government to do the needful things to rectify any lingering problem that still needs to be rectified, so that there may be a truly peaceful environment in the affected places, and in every region of the country.Also, I suggest that the Government should unfreeze Igboho’ s s account since he is now quiet. There would also be a need for the government to call him to order to know his grievances so that such a problem would not occur at successive times.What’ s your view on this?

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